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From News Busters:

Politico Threatening Conservative Blogger with Lawsuit

The Politico is threatening blogger Stephen Gutowski with legal action to wrest control of his domain on trademark infringement grounds.

Gutowski — full disclosure: he serves as the content editor for the Media Research Center’s — gives readers details and offers his argument for why the claim by Politico is specious here at his blog.

You can catch Gutowski live on’s “The B-Cast” Web program at 5:15 p.m. EDT by clicking this link or watching the video embedded below the page break:

Folks this threatened lawsuit is nothing more than an attempt by a liberal website to shut down a conservative voice. If Politico wants to sue College Politico, they should also sue Websters dictionary which defines the word politico without the mention of a website:

Main Entry: po·lit·i·co
Pronunciation: pə-ˈli-ti-ˌ
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural po·lit·i·cos also po·lit·i·coes
Etymology: Italian politico or Spanish político, ultimately from Latin politicus
Date: 1630
: politician

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