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Another entertaining and enlightening video from comedian Steven Crowder. He makes some valid points and makes one laugh at the same time comparing (and personally I believe Moshes and Elisha have them has them both topped).

Why Elisha? Because of Kings 2 verses 23 and 24, when Elisha teaches that you don’t mess with bald guys:

And he
went up from there unto Beit-El; and as he was going up along the
derech, there came forth ne’arim ketannim out of the Ir, and jeered in
mockery at him, and said unto him, Go on up, thou kere’ach (bald head);
go on up, thou kere’ach.


he turned around, and looked on them, and cursed them in the Shem
Hashem (the Name of God). And there came forth two dubim (female bears) out of the woods,
and mauled 42 yeladim of them.

Some might say Elijah’s successor has an anger management problem–but not me.

How cool is that! A couple of bullies make fun of Elisha and he becomes the defender of bald guys like me.

But I digress–below is Crowder’s great video.

Oh and if you are an Islamist…I didn’t put this video here (it was them dammed joooos  oh wait I am one of them dammed Jooos) well either way please don’t kill me after you watch the video.

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