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My Friend Pamela of Atlas Shrugs has been down in Florida convincing Jews that their only choice is to vote for John McCain. There she heard Jerrold Nadler Democratic Congressman make this startling comment:

“Obama didn’t have the political courage to make a statement and walk out.” [of Reverend Wright’s racist church]

One of my stops on THE GREAT SCHLEP. I just came from an Jerrold Nadler event at the Boca Raton synagogue where he was lying through his teeth to make the case that Obama was good for Israel. Words uttered today by Obama surrogate, high profile congressman (8th district New York) are devastating to Obama’s character and lack of spine. Nadler would love to take back words uttered today at 4:45 in Boca Raton (the mouth of the rat)
Nadler is asked how Obama could sit in Reverend Jeremiah Wright’s church for 500 Sundays listing to the anti-semitic, anti-American diatribes

This is not going to be complimentary to Senator Obama ….. he didn’t have the political courage to make a statement and walk out.” I have much more ………….. but I had to get this up. I have much devastating video including Nadler professing that if “that there really were phone banks in Gaza, that would be a major campaign issue”. He sid it would be all over the media and be a major problem for the campaign. And laughed at the idea of the Gaza campaign contributions – a story Atlas broke in July. Here are the phone banks (al jizz!). His presentation was so fallacious – so full of lies, and he invoked “lashon hora” and the shma” (!) – in a house of G-d. Such hubris. When I queried him on Obama’s malevolent presidential endorsements (Ahmadi Nijad, Hamas, Farrakhan, and Chavez, Castro) – he concluded: They’re evil but they are not dumb. He said, they endorse him so that people will vote for McCain. I kid you not

Pamela Has the whole thing on Video, CLICK HERE to see it.

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