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Yesterday being a fast day I was a bit hungrier than usual…ok MUCH hungrier than usual. During Lunch I was reading my email when I came across this

I offered my students five extra points if they got their projects in before the due date.Now what do I get for spending Asarah B’Tevet polishing the 25th Kosher Cooking Carnival?It’s already posted, a day early. Maybe you’ll get some ideas for your Shabbat menu.

Enjoy, visit, pass around the link and blog about it. If you’re interested in hosting one, please let me know. And don’t forget to send me links for it.
Shiloh Musings

Having nothing else to do, I thought I would take a look–WHAT TORTURE ! One incredible recipe after another. And even pictures of the meals–I broke a tooth on the computer screen.
So if you are still fasting DON’T GO THERE ! I owe my company $250 for breaking their computer monitor.

But If you have a full stomach click here and take a look…it might give you ideas on what to break your NEXT fast with…and remember


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