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Tomorrow morning, all facebook users are changing their status to:

“has been waiting for Gilad Shalit for 2 years!!!”

And also replacing their profile picture with Gilad’s picture, which can be
downloaded from:

Please keep your facebook status & profile for 2 days, until the 25.06 – The
day of kidnapping.

With more than 30,000 members (currently the biggest group in the Israeli
Network in facebook!!!) the expected effect is going to shock all facebook
users world-wide.

Don’t forget – our new target is 50,000 members!!! In case you haven’t done it
yet – please invite all of your friends.

Thank you all for being part of this important event.

Hoping to see Gilad, Ehud, Eldad & Ron back home with us as soon as possible!!!

For additional details see the Facebook group:
24.06. my facebook status. “is waiting for Gilad Shalit for 2 years!!!”

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