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Exclusive Video of President Obama’s Secret  Try-Out of  New 2012 Stump Speech Pundits all across  America are wondering, just how the heck is he going to do it. With the country in such lousy shape, unemployment up, factory orders down, economists predicting a double-dip recession, relations with our best allies such as Great Britain and Israel in such lousy shape, just how the heck does Barack Obama expect to win re-election in 2012?

Well in a Lid exclusive,  you the reader will know. Thanks to a secret meeting between my cousin Ben, the spy and a not to be named member of the Obama re-election team, I have obtained a copy of a video of the President giving his 2012 stump speech a tryout.

How did Ben do it? Well lets just say that my cousin had some information that the Obama campaign operative did not want to become public knowledge.

As you can see in the video below, President Obama plans confront his challenges head-on and will give clear explanations for all his policy failures (If you cannot see video below..Click Here)

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