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As My Friend Pamela from Atlas Shrugs proves below our Secretary of State has a Mid East policy that is totally our of touch with what the people want. We have a heritage of morality in our policy…we stay away from Mass Murderers–but not Ms Rice:

Off the rails ………….. Does Condhimmi know that the American people the same people that elected her boss, thereby electing our foreign policy. We elect our foreign policy, and this ain’t it. Poll: Americans Have Overwhelming Support for Israel.

In any war between the civilized man and the savage you side with the civilized man.

I said yesterday, I could have not see how we could withstand another year of Queen Condi’s ineptitude, dhimmitude, subterfuge, and antisemitism. Bolton was right (d’oh).

I strongly suggest you read the full post here Condihimmi Rebukes Israel

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