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We’re Number # 1 do we get a prize?

The next time Mr CAIR goes on TV or Radio to talk about anti-Muslim Bias, whip out the numbers below and call in.

American Jews top hate-crime targets
Outnumber Muslim victims by 7-1 ratio, FBI stats show

Posted: October 23, 2006

© 2006

WASHINGTON – Who hates whom in America?

If the latest FBI hate-crime statistics are any indication, of the 1,314 verified offenses motivated by religious bias, 68.5 percent were anti-Jewish.

Only 11.1 percent were anti-Islamic, despite claims of rampant anti-Muslim bigotry in the U.S. by groups like the Council on American Islamic Relations.

The vast majority of hate crimes in both years were motivated by race, according the reports, which detailed the data based on so-called “single-bias” incidents. That means the crime was motivated by only one kind of bias against the victim, according to the FBI.

The data was collected from police agencies across the country, representing city, county, state, tribal and federal law enforcement agencies.

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