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Famed filmmaker David Zucker (of Airplane Fame) wrote an apology to Big Hollywood readers for backing Barbara Boxer in past elections for the US Senate. It turns out that the producer of comedy classics gave money to  Boxer during her first campaign for Senate. My first reaction was surely he can’t be serious

Zucker was particularly upset at the famous Barbara Boxer “don’t call me Ma’am” incident

I remember immediately feeling embarrassed that a member of Congress would treat an officer of the U.S. military like that.  And doubly embarrassed that back in the early 90’s I had contributed to Barbara Boxer’s campaign.  I was so outraged at the pure arrogance of that moment,  that I sat down to write the spot, highlighting the pure absurdity of our California Senator dressing down a General for calling her “Ma’am.”  No Naked Gun or Scary Movie ever had an opportunity as good as that one for pure ridicule.  Never mind that the military are instructed to call their superiors including members of congress ‘Sir’ or ‘Ma’am’, including specifically, Members of Congress

 So Zucker went out and created what has to be the funniest Anti-Boxer Anti any politician video I have ever seen.

Call Me Senator from RightChange on Vimeo.

David after that effort…all is forgiven.

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