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Ladies and Gentlemen—there you have it: the Nominations for 2007 Most Self Hating Jew Awards.

Below are the Nominees in all four categories:

  1. Self Hating Jews of 2007-24 Nominees
  2. Not Self Hating—JUST STUPID- 8 Nominees
  3. Self Hating Ex-Jews-2 Nominees
  4. Self Hating Media- 3 Nominees

Self Hating Jews Of 2007:

  • Amira Hass, Editor at Ha’aretz. If KRB were a working journalist that’s AH – . According to her Wiki entry, she’s lived among Palis continuously since 1993.
  • Gerald Michael (Geraldo) Rivera GERALDO RIVERA DOES IT AGAIN! special kuddos to my daughter on this one, because it is her idea..of course I am a only a little prejudice.
  • Israeli prof Gary Sussman – who’s also a self-hating South African, it seems.

Not Self Hating-Just Stupid Award:

  • Orthodox Anarchist” Daniel Sieradski, who forcibly injects post-avant garde and hip-hop influences into Orthodox Judiasm in an online format.

Self Hating Ex-Jews:

Self-Hating Media

The winners were announced on 1/6/08

To see who won Click Below

And 2007’s Most Self Hating Jews Are….

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